We understand all of our customers have unique needs to be successful in their businesses. This is why we offer a variety of courier, distribution, freight and associated services designed to meet the requirements of all our clients.

Customer Service Support Team

American Courier shipping/sorting serviceThe first step to executing toward our client needs is met by striving to understand specifically, the true requirements and expectations of our clients. Our Customer Service team, in conjunction with management, will then set in place the required supportive structure. We have developed many close and meaningful relationships over the years. American Courier Corporation has a dedicated customer service teams at the following locations:

  • Omaha, Nebraska (corporate office)
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Casper, Wyoming

Self-Audit System: In addition to serving as a communication conduit between our company and customers, the Customer Service team also tracks exceptions and monitors various internal processes, allowing us to be more proactive and ensure efficiency. Though many providers in our business have combined functions to control cost, we believe our separation of customer service and operations helps us maintain a balance by providing a self-audit system to make sure operations are delivering as promised.

On-Time Performance: It is our policy to notify customers of any substantial delays before they occur, allowing them enough time to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate.

Industries Served

We serve a number of industries with a variety of needs:

  • Pharmaceutical deliveries to retail locations and hospitals
  • Air freight and expedited cargo using our straight truck fleet
  • Automotive
  • Distribution
  • Office supply
  • Financial institutions
  • Medical diagnostics: transporting samples from healthcare providers to a variety of laboratories
  • Inter-library loans: full logistics and distribution.Moving over five million items annually among more than 360 participating libraries.
  • Warehousing services and critical parts distribution
  • Daily pick-up and delivery service at several hundred locations for the two largest film processors in the US
  • Deliveries for home health care providers and nursing home facilities



American Courier shipping/sorting facilityThese services are performed on a regularly scheduled basis and have a minimum delivery frequency of once per week.

  • Same Day Scheduled
  • Next Day Scheduled
  • Dedicated Scheduled: based on customer specifications. Schedules and vehicle requirements are set by the customer and service is performed by American Courier on a contract basis. Currently, service is performed for vehicle sizes ranging from 50 cu. ft. up to 1200 cu. ft.

Additional service offerings:

  • On-Demand: American Courier offers On-Demand pickup and delivery for existing customers only throughout our entire Service Area. On-Demand service is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Customers are given a special dispatch number or web-portal login to request this service.
  • Saturday/Holiday Service: Regular rates are based on a Monday thru Friday work week. Saturday and Holiday service is available upon request and is quoted separately.

Call sales at (402) 488-4851 for more information about any of our services.